ICML 2024: Open-Domain Text Evaluation via Contrastive Distribution Methods


Recent advancements in open-domain text generation, driven by the power of large pre-trained language models (LLMs), have demonstrated remarkable performance. However, assessing these models’ generation quality remains a challenge. In this paper, we introduce a novel method for evaluating open-domain text generation called Contrastive Distribution Methods (CDM). Leveraging the connection between increasing model parameters and enhanced LLM performance, CDM creates a mapping from the \textit{contrast} of two probabilistic distributions – one known to be superior to the other – to quality measures. We investigate CDM for open-domain text generation evaluation under two paradigms: 1) \emph{Generative} CDM, which harnesses the contrast of two language models’ distributions to generate synthetic examples for training discriminator-based metrics; 2) \emph{Discriminative} CDM, which directly uses distribution disparities between two language models for evaluation. Our experiments on coherence evaluation for multi-turn dialogue and commonsense evaluation for controllable generation demonstrate CDM’s superior correlate with human judgment than existing automatic evaluation metrics, highlighting the strong performance and generalizability of our approach.



Accepted to ICML 2024